SAS, LLC offers installation planning, installation, de-installation and maintenance/repair services.  Our project teams – engineers, drafters and job site foremen – successfully adapt to changes in work requirements resulting from desired SOW modifications and unanticipated requirements.  We are capable of procuring and staging security system components and associated computer systems hardware and Information Security Management System (ISMS) software at our Charleston facility.  Project engineers, assisted by the assigned installation team technicians, configure the computer servers and workstations, and test CCTV and other system components to ensure serviceability and performance.  The equipment and an installation team are transported to the project site where the actual systems installation, system test, checkout and turnover are successfully completed.  Our engineering department is distinguished by its continuous growth and education in advanced technology.  In determining the best solution to a problem, our engineers are not tied to any specific vendor, and are therefore free to explore all systems and components available in order to achieve the best possible result for a particular site.  In addition, our engineers provide training to the on-site personnel who will be operating the systems we install.
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